Tuesday, April 16, 2013

T'is the season, Conference session that is!

Yeah, I know there are conferences year-round, but it would be hard to attend them all. Being a new author, figuring out which ones to hit is tough, but starting close to home is good. Being from Phoenix, I'm lucky to have multiple options to choose from.

I've attended some of these conferences in the past as an aspiring author waiting to be published. They were great learning experiences, especially as I got to meet so many fabulous authors. Some have become great friends, like Gini Koch with her Touched by an Alien Series   Marcy Rockwell and her Dungeons & Dragons creations   and Jordan Summers who goes for the Hot Fantasies   and that's just the ladies. Get these three on a panel together and watch out!

But the guys rock too, like David Lee Summers, Bruce Davis, Vaughn Truede and Weston Ochse.

This year I'll be on a few panels too, meeting fans and other authors or getting to be a fan with some of the out-of-this-world guests lined up at these conferences. Like Capt. Jack for one but if I started naming all guests I would love to meet, I'd need PAGES and PAGES on this blog. Of course I love Capt. Jack so he deserves mentioning twice. Oh hell, third time's a charm - CAPT JACK!

Check out these great conferences and come out to meet the stars and authors.

May 9-12th  LepreCon in Mesa, AZ

May 23-27th  Phoenix Comicon in Phx, AZ

May 31-June 2  Arizona Dreaming in Chandler, AZ

July 16-24th  International Comicon in San Diego, CA

Aug 8-11th  CopperCon in Mesa, AZ

Nov 7-11  TusCon 40 in Tucson, AZ

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