Wednesday, January 15, 2014

HAPPY 2014!

Yes, it's a new year with a busy schedule already.  But first, let's start this off with a contest.


I'll pick three movies from the entries and watch them. The one that wins will get a box of goodies.

The movies can be any genre or style, but have to still be available, in English or have subtitles. Would prefer nothing worse than Kill Bill, as I'm not looking for gore, but good action. No slashers.

So, contest out of the way, let's talk 2013.

I had a blast on the Con circuit, many of them with Gini Koch, author of the Alien/Kitty Kat series. It was exhausting, but I learned a lot. Like San Diego ComiCon is CRAZY, and I can't wait to go again this year. Phoenix ComiCon was huge too, making the top ten in the country with 55,000 people. This year will be even bigger.

Met a lot of people through our local Cons, LepreCon, CopperCon, DarkCon, TusCon. Really had a good time at this years WorldCon, watching the Hugo awards sitting next to my agent. Got to hold a Hugo, and hope one day to walk away with one, like every author.

Wrote a whole new book, edited it and another, both at the agent's. Wrote two new novellas and released them at the end of the year, as promised. They're available on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle versions.

So I started 2014 on the right foot, and on the Con circuit again, starting with DarkCon 2014 here in Phoenix. It was a total hoot. Lots of steampunk, corsets, costumes, parties and new people, young and old. Loved these young ladies and their energy over the weekend.

AND, there's no way I can not share getting to rub the chest of Adrian Paul, from the Highlander TV series.  No... can't let that shot go unpublished... brahahahahaha...

Yeah, a great way to start the year... (huge sigh)

So, what's next, well... I already have a string of Cons lined up, some I'll be speaking at, some there for the fun, but here's my schedule so far...

Glendale Chocolate Festival  Feb 7-9th  Glendale, AZ    Author tent Saturday night
Tucson Festival of Books   Mar 14-16th   Tucson, AZ  
LepreCon   May 9-11   Mesa, AZ  -  panelist
Phoenix ComiCon   Jun 5-8    Phoenix, AZ  -  attending. Hoping to get a spot.
San Diego ComiCon July 24-27   San Diego, CA - attending and dreaming of the day...
CopperCon    Aug    Mesa, AZ    -  panelist
Tucson ComiCon  Nov 8-9   Tucson, AZ  -  pending
TusCon 41  Oct 31 – Nov 2   Tucson, AZ  -  panelist

So, it's going to be a busy year already. Hope to see you out there, somewhere. Hope you enjoy my new books and keep an eye out for good news on the novels, because 2014 will be my year!

Love ya!


  1. What about black rain w/Michael Douglas?
    buckeyegirlreads at gmail dot com

  2. I almost forgot-great recap of darkcon!!! I still need to write my post.