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My Writing Process - Blog Tour

Welcome to my Blog Tour. A good friend tagged me to talk about my writing process. Easy-Peasy, sure, we're authors, so we should be able to talk about ourselves. Yeah, not necessarily. We're usually better at making things up than we are at baring our souls, or defining something that just kind of happens to us. We're all a bit mental.

So, who is this good friend who lured me into this blog tour? It's Gini Koch.

If you don't know - Gini Koch writes the fast, fresh, and funny Alien/Katherine "Kitty" Katt series, as well as lots of others. She's made the most of multiple personality disorder by writing under a variety of pen names, including G.J. Koch, Anita Ensal, Jemma Chase, A.E. Stanton, and J.C. Koch. Buy her books -- her meds don't come free, you know.

Believe me, we're all a bit crazy, but out of our little group, she probably needs them most! But enough of that, let's get on with the interview on "My Writing Process"...

What am I working on?

Nothing can stop the writing process. Not even ComiCon!

My laptop goes with me everywhere and I almost never stop thinking of what happens next in my stories. I just finished agent edits and sent the first novel in a series back to her, so fingers crossed.

With the New Year I released two novellas, Defending Hippotigris and Scent of Treachery.

Both are from a new universe I pulled together from the cosmos. Right now I'm kind of in love with my new worlds, so I'm going to be traveling there to envision another new novella and novel in 2014. I'm also working on other Science Fiction ideas, pulling characters from various mythologies and religions. I love delving into these ancient stories. I can't help but wonder what they were smoking back then.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Characters come from our experiences and, be they saints, sinners or demons, they claw their way out from our souls. Our joys give them life and their pain mirrors our sorrows.

What makes my work different is my military background. The military is predominately a male environment, always has been, always will be. No matter how they promote political correctness, military women have to adjust their expectations or they get minimalized, or worse!

At 18 years old this was an important life lesson and it's reflected in my characters. They are strong women, sometimes a little damaged by life. They can be bit irreverent, often trouble makers, but also problem solvers. They might be a bit disillusioned, but when push comes to shove, they're not about to let anyone walk all over them. They're willing to fight for what they want, and they get it.

Why do I write what I do?

Because I'm a writer, that automatically makes me crazy, or... I was dropped on my head as an infant. Oh, wait, that baby thing actually isn't too far from the truth. Ends up I was born a 'blue-baby', so I often blame oxygen deprivation on my not becoming a rocket scientist.

Since I had to get to the stars a different way, I turned to Science Fiction. When I decided to write, I tried other genres, but my characters got bored and sat down, refusing to go any further. After a number of attempts I finally asked them why they wouldn't play nicely.

Low and behold, they wanted to be Capt. Kirk, or rather female versions. Well, geez, so did I! When I stopped trying to force the stories out, they came naturally and now I get to go where no man has gone before. Maybe because these places are in my head, but hey, I'm trying my best to share with everyone.

How does your writing process work?

I generally have to go out of the house to write, which can be a problem at times. The business of writing is rather schizophrenic.

Do I go traditional or self-publish?
Is this a stand-alone novel or a series?
"Darn, where am I going with this?" Time to plot out the next couple chapters and get back on track.
"Oh no, I have to kill one of my favorite characters. No... there's no saving him, He has to die."
God, I hope the people at the next table don't notice I'm crying. Sniff, sniff, type, type. Whew, it's done. Send it off to beta readers, crit-group, agent...
"What, I have to bring him back to life? Seriously, you can't see that he has to die?"
Oh, wait, did I say that out loud? The people at the next table ARE looking at me. Smile and hope they don't call the cops. Oh, wait, is that a badge on his belt. They are cops. Quick, turn the computer around and show them you're a writer.
"Do you like Science Fiction? Here's my card!"  

Yup, it can be a crazy process!

Next week:
I have three more fabulously crazy friends and fellow authors to share with you. Please click on their names below and check out their websites and/or blogs. Then stay tuned for their "My Writing Process" blog tour on March 17th.

David Lee Summers is an author, editor and astronomer. He is the author of seven novels: The Pirates of Sufiro, Children of the Old Stars, Heirs of the New Earth, Vampires of the Scarlet Order, The Solar Sea, Owl Dance and Dragon’s Fall. David is also co-author, with Lee Clark Zumpe, of the book, Blood Sampler, from Sam’s Dot Publishing. His short fiction has appeared in such magazines as Realms of Fantasy, Cemetery Dance, The Vampire’s Crypt, Aoife’s Kiss, The Fifth Di…, The Martian Wave, and Science Fiction Trails. He also edits the science fiction and fantasy magazine, Tales of the Talisman.

Leslie Jones has been an IT geek, a graphics designer, and an Army intelligence officer. She is a wife, mother, and full-time writer. Leslie writes military romantic suspense. She loves alpha heroes and strong heroines, and is truly grateful to the men and women of our Armed Forces for their dedication and sacrifice. It is because of them that we sleep well at night. She recently signed a 3-book deal and the debut release of her military romance, Night Hush, comes out January 2015.

V.S. Nelson 's work has been defined as innovative and fresh. Being a Native American woman, she came from a long line of oral storytellers. She has a fondness for history, mythology, and the occult, so it's no wonder she found herself writing the paranormal series, Sekhmet's Guardians, as well as her current releases, Eternal Lovers, Eternal Nights, Eternal Blades, Cupid and Penelope... Coming this spring she will be releasing Eternal Tuat - this Summer Eternal Life.

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