Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day is to Remember

Yes, all fun aside, I'm going for the serious here. Monday is Memorial Day and the papers are full of grocery sales, furniture bargains and a whole lot of out-of-school celebrations, but in some places the purpose of Memorial Day will be taken serious.

Arlington National Cemetery

These, and just as many other brave souls across our country, gave up their lives so we can gnaw on BBQ ribs, slosh down waterslides, and consume vast amounts of alcohol over this 3-day weekend.

I'm not trying to harsh your buzz. I'm a veteran and I feel compelled to recognize my brothers and sisters. The ones we lost, the ones still fighting and the ones who will one day serve.

I just want you to take one small minute of your weekend and give thought to that someone you probably knew who made the ultimate sacrifice.  Your grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, son or daughter, your best friend or even that kid in high school that you don't even remember, but last week their face showed up in your newspaper or Facebook page, because they lost their lives, in uniform.

Any uniform, not just military. Police, Firefighter, and every first responder who stepped into danger to protect and serve. Every one of them still serving as they step out their front doors today.

Remember them.

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