Monday, December 28, 2015

Bring On The New Year

Well everyone, 2015 is nearly done. A few more days and we'll ring in another New Year. My goal for the new year is to of course, write more books and travel. For Cons and for fun. But since we're talking Cons. Yeah, we are. 2015 was good to me, so I'm really looking forward to 2016.

Best Cons on the list, in no particular order, because they were all fun whether I was selling or not.

San Diego/International Comic-Con - I await the day I rise high enough in the ranks to do more than attend. Believe me, you all will know when that happens. In the mean time I'll continue to enjoy the company of the always funny Gini Koch and our SD gang.

Phoenix Comicon - My first year there as an author, my group, AWW presenting authors. Erin Quinn, Alan Black, Bruce Davis and Hal Astell. We all had a great time, so they'll be joining me again in 2016, along with more phenomenal authors. So keep an eye out for announcements.

Tucson Comicon - Technically not my first time, but this time I revved up AWW again and went back with Gini Koch and Alan Black. AWW will be back in 2016 with more AWWsome AWWthors next year, so watch for that announcement too.

CombatCon Vegas - My second year with awesome authors, like Alexander "Drake" Maxwell, Leslie Jones and Carol Wolf. And all the awesome warriors. Men with swords and whips and knives... and Vegas. Need I say more? I think not. Check it out yourself in 2016, because I'll be there wrangling writers and giving some fab panels.

Tucson Festival of Books - Yes, books and books and books, as far as the eye can see. Yet the fans show up for the new releases. Love them!

There were other events thru the year that were smaller, but pretty darn good. Always like the Glendale Chocolate Affair. Yes, they host authors too. Barnes and Noble in Henderson (Vegas) is our favorite B&N ever, which is why we hit it twice a year. DevCon with ASUWest is a new one, so keep an eye on that Con as they grow. And I hit some local book fairs and festivals, because you got to give the love to you hometown.

So what's in store for 2016, well clearly all places above, as well as HawaiiCon. Yup, going back to the Big Island for the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. Head over to their website and check out the line up of Star Trek favorites. Then think... do I want to do Comicon on the Beach? OF COURSE YOU DO!

Then there will be KaBam in Kingman AZ. Tempe Book Festival, cohosted by ASU. And probably a few more I haven't confirmed yet. So that will be announced too, as soon as they're real.

So, here's some of the year's flashbacks.

Men with Swords.

 Pre SDCC Lunch

 Joseph meets Sharknado
 Bring on the CosPlay
 Face Off... Face On
 It's definitely 5 o'clock... somewhere
 We travel as a pack these days

Too exhausted to take a second shot, unless it's in a glass
So, there will be more pictures in 2016. I promise. Check out my calendar and come out to see me.

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