Friday, August 18, 2017

San Diego Comicon Contest

When I returned from San Diego, I promised a contest to win some goodies. Well, it was delayed. First I had to figure out what kind of contest to run, but that was delayed a bit by recovering from an allergic reaction to something I ate in San Diego. Considering I'd never had an allergy to foods, this came as something of a surprise. I lost two days there fighting the itching and blotches, though had I left the room, I'd only have been mistaken for someone Cos-Playing a plague victim.

If allergy reactions weren't enough, the Con-Crud opportunistically stuck.

By the time I somewhat recovered from that, and could breath without hacking out a lung, I had to go to CombatCon. "HAD" is the wrong word. I'd looked forward to it all year. Had a blast too, right up to leaving Vegas. While waiting for the bellman to come get all our stuff, I twisted my foot and... BROKE it.

Are the fates trying to tell me something. If they are, stop it. I have a big trip planned in September and they better damn well be on my side this time.

So, on that note, here's the contest perimeters.

Tell me your funniest (in hind-sight counts) travel disasters. Make me laugh.

You have until September 1st, at which time I will pick a winner.

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