Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Got me some snuggling with Capt. Jack!

Love getting me some Captain Jack (John Barrowman) at the Phoenix Comicon 2013. 

I didn't know the how and whats, so I didn't pre-register for a photo session. I thought "BUMMER!" but then they announced he was sticking around for more sessions, so I hopped into line. I could go on about how cute and funny he was with everyone, but that would take all day, and at least half the night. He was hilarious and one of those actors that says, 'hey, they're standing in line for hours, to see me, so I'm not leaving till they lock the doors'.  Well, on Sunday he had to leave when the fire alarm went off only a hour before the close of the Con. They evacuated the Convention Center, but he came back!

Also saw him at his spotlight, where he had the audience laughing hysterically. He wasn't the kind of actor who sat behind a table and answered questions. He jumped, danced, and ran around the stage, from one side to the other as people lined up the aisle to ask their questions. Then there was the Marine. Soooo funny!  You can go to YouTube to see that one.

Okay, I won't go on and on... back to the Conference.

I was there to learn the author-ropes with some pros, and to have some fun. Hung with Gini Koch, Jordan Summers, and Marcy Rockwell. Wanted to spend a bit more time with David Lee Summers, but this year they put him down on the other end of our aisle.  I helped out where I could with some set up and sitting in while my friends were off on their panels.

Got to attend some interesting panels as well. I mixed it up a bit. Besides panels on learning my writing craft, I attended some science panels as well. Found out about an interesting on-line ASU course exploring the Drake Equation, trying to estimate the number of extraterrestrial planet that have the potential of intelligent life. And you don't have to be some huge science geek or major. I might look into that this fall.

The costumes were fantastic, lots of great group costumes too. Lots of kids in costume, cudos to the parents for not suffocating their need to be creative. Extra cudos to the parent who dressed up too. Then there was the Zombies and the Zombie Walk were the undead flood the downtown streets of Phoenix.  Luck had it we wanted a quick drink and bite to eat before we ran back to the conference center. I grabbed some tables by the side doors of the hotel bar and we got the special treat of a perfect spot to watch the parade.

Again, could go on for hours, but it's one of those things where you just had to be there, with the other    55,313    people who attended this year.

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