Thursday, July 11, 2013

Count Down to Int'l Comicon in San Diego

Not posting any commentary this week.  I'm holding out for another week.  Why?  Because on July 16th I'm heading off to my first International Comic Con in San Diego.

There's so much to do and I'm not just talking about packing.  Comic Con is attended by over 130,000 people, not including people who don't have tickets, but show up to the external venues.  Yeah, it's so big it spreads outside the convention center and into the neighborhood.

I'll be heading there with Gini Koch, author of the Kitty Kat/Alien series. ROAD TRIP. Taking another friend with us, Joseph Gaxiola.  Hoping he can give me tips on putting together video podcasts, so stay tuned for Comic Con reports, interviews and a lot of fabulous costumes.

Starting first thing in the mornings we'll be cruising through 1000's of booths providing everything from autographs to sonic screwdrivers. Yeah, going to grab me at least one of those.  There will be panels galore, from writing (the reason I'm going), to sciences (which I enjoy), to fan sessions with actors and actresses of favorite TV and movies (got to find me some more starship captains). Capt. Mel shows up, I'll be on that!

At night there will be all kinds of fun going on too, but even I have to wait to find out what that will be, so... stay tuned.

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