Friday, March 6, 2015


So we waved 2014 goodbye and welcomed a whole New Year with nothing but anticipation for what it can bring. As an author I have my goals, one new novella release and one more novel to send off to my agent. I have the first drafts done on both and they are entering the edit and beta testing phase.

I also have to start mapping out the New Year of Cons and appearances. Love to get out there and meet fans, talk about writing, and schmooze with other attendees. So expect a whole new collection of pictures this year. Have to find myself that Hottie for 2015. After all, I had John Barrowman 2013, Adrian Paul 2015, so I have to find someone of equally sizzling sex appeal... Just For You (and definitely me).

So, before I kick off this New Year, I'll give you one last glance at 2014, at the Wyked Women Who Write book signing in Henderson (Las Vegas) Nevada on Dec. 13th.

Here we are.
Sharon Skinner on the far left, me on the far right, Gini Koch in the pink sparkly cowgirl hat.
Amy was our SuperFan, buying everything she didn't already have.
Love you, Amy!
Vegas as so great, they're having us back for another book signing. We're hoping to take more of our friends for a real Book Extravaganza. However, if you missed us in Vegas, pop in and get our books. Or head over to our links and order them. If we make your city, we'd love to meet you and sign them.
So, where will I be in 2015?  Only have a preliminary list so you'll have to check in from time to time for updates on engagements. But here's what I have so far.
January 31st   Glendale Chocolate Affair in Glendale AZ  10-2 and 6-10
Check out the Authors' tent. LOTS of books in every genre.
March 14-15   Tucson Festival of Books at University of Arizona  Both Days 
Arizona Dreaming tent near the front of the campus pavilion
March 21-22   DevCon at ASU West Campus in Phoenix, AZ  Both Days
Panels and book signings with DR Books in vendor room
May 17th   Barnes and Noble Henderson NV  Wyked Women return to Vegas. Watch out!
May 28-31  Phoenix Comic-Con   You can find me on the Artist Alley, under the banner of AWW, for Arizona Wyked Writers. Will update booth location.
Jun 26-28  CombatCon in Las Vegas 
Panels and book signings in vendor room... yeah, loving my Vegas peeps too!
July 9-12  San Diego/International Comic-Con 
Not there in official capacity, but hanging with Gini Koch and the peeps who keep us coming back.
Oct 31-Nov 1  TusCon in Tucson AZ  Pending.
Nov 7-8  Tucson Comic-Con Tucson AZ  Pending 
YUP, love those Tucson peeps too. SW rocks.
There's lots of gaps yet for the rest of the year, but I'm sure they'll fill in nicely. So stay tuned. I'd love to see you all in the coming year.

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