Monday, March 30, 2015

Meeting those Deadlines.

WooHoo, new release for 2015.

Now to get to one of the other stories waiting for their turn. There are so many to choose from. At any particular moment an idea can pop into my head and I dash down the basics, then stuff it into what I call 'the pot'. When I wrap up one project, I give the pot a stir and see what pops to the surface, demanding attention.

Not that I work on one project at a time. Sometimes I have two or three stories and maybe an article up on the current project's board. I also have to keep up my blog, social media, and appearances. I've already booked a number of events, and working on other, but still need to write.

As an author we either have deadlines put on us, or put them on ourselves. I'm currently working on a new novel, another story that hasn't decided its true destiny and an article for my "Ask 5 Friends" column with Slice of SciFi. I'd like to add another project in there somewhere, but let's wait and see. With my agent having three of my novels to shop, anything can change the direction I have to take.

But trust me. You'll see something else before the end of the year. In the meantime, enjoy my latest release.

Love ya,

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